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Practice nights are every Tuesday in Panteg House for Pontypool Male Choir so come and sing along between 7pm and 9pm and have some fun.  Just bring your enthusiasm and we will do the rest to make sure you enjoy yourself.


We are an award winning traditional Welsh male voice choir which was formed in 1963 to entertain and raise money for charity. The choir has enjoyed past performances at the Royal Albert Hall, National Stadium Of Wales and various Welsh Eisteddfods. We have a diverse repertoire of music ranging from traditional Welsh songs and hymns, folk, theatre and modern day chart topping hits.

Like many other choirs throughout Wales, we have been battling to preserve the old choral customs. The rising age of some of our singers has become a concern. It is inevitable that a choir will lose some of it's older members to ill health etc and unfortunately last year our numbers took a sharp decline to less than sixteen members.

Recently, we have been successful in attracting some younger new blood into the choir and at the moment we have approximately twenty three choristers. With our on going recruitment drive using local tabloid newspapers and social media sites like facebook and twitter, we are hoping to raise the choir to about thirty members for our 50th Anniversary concert in October.

We aim to eradicate the stigma that joining a choir is for 'old people' and as opposed to many other choirs who rehearse twice weekly, we only meet up once a week for practice. The reason for this is to help dismiss the malaise of ‘not enough time to sing in a choir’, as we fully appreciate young men tend to lead busy social lives outside of work and educational studies.



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